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    Shemade Foods | she made food / Knutzella Bar Bites
    Knutzella Bar Bites

    Knutzella Bar Bites


    Our healthy, gluten-free, and delicious Knutzella Bar Bites are perfect for on-the-go snacking. These chocolaty bar bites are loaded with the goodness of dates, hazelnuts, and cocoa solids, making them the healthy snacking option. These nutrient dense bar bites are made using top quality natural and healthy ingredients that meet a wide variety of consumer needs, and it is great for kids. There are no added preservatives and no artificial flavours.

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    Flavour Dark chocolate
    Brand She Made
    Ingredients Date, Almond, Oats , Honey, Hazelnut, Cocoa Solids, Pumpkin Seed, Ghee, Pistachio, Chia Seed, COMMON SALT FOR IODISATION,CONTAINS PERMITTED NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOUR- VANILLA
    Size Pack of 1
    Quantity 100 gm


    No time for breakfast in the morning?  Need some energy while traveling or during office hours? Got those midnight cravings while staying up late at night? Our energy bar bites are a healthy and delicious fix to all of it.


    Made with ingredients such as dates, almonds, honey, hazelnut, cocoa solids, pumpkin seeds, ghee, pistachio, and chia seeds, our bar bites are perfect for growing kids and adults. The delicious chocolaty, nutty flavour makes it a perfect treat for everyone.

    Packed with protein and fibre, these energy boosters will help you get through the day. Our mini-bar bites contain no cholesterol and zero trans-fat for your health and wellness.


    Our snack bites are great to curb appetite during hectic office hours, pre and post-workout, traveling, or a long day at school. Parents looking to give a healthy yet indulgent treat to their kids can rely on our bar bites for the job.

    They are non-sticky and bite-sized that can be eaten in one go. The pack is resealable which can be packed and consumed later in case you don’t want to finish all the bar bites at once. Ideal for anytime you are hungry and don’t want to consume junk food.


    Whatever your dietary plans are, our bite-sized bars fit right into it. These mini munchies are 100% plant-based, vegetarian, gluten-free, egg-free, and dairy-free. Moreover, our product contains no processed sugar, preservatives, and artificial flavours, making it the best alternative to fried or junk food.


    • A NATURAL SOURCE OF ENERGY: A quick bite to keep you going throughout the day. Our date bar bite includes dates, almond, honey, hazelnut, cocoa solids, pumpkin seeds, ghee, pistachio, and chia seeds for an instant energy boost.
    • HEALTHY & TASTY BAR BITES: Our mini bites are a pure source of fibre & protein. It contains no cholesterol and trans-fat to ensure good health. The delicious chocolaty taste makes it a delicious snack to eat anytime.
    • PERFECT REPLACEMENT TO JUNK FOOD: Whether it’s late-night munching or daytime cravings, our mini snacks not only curb hunger but also provide instant nutrition to keep you going.
    • FITS EVERYONE’S LIFESTYLE: Vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free to suit everyone’s needs. With no added sugar, preservatives, and artificial flavours, our flavoured treat packs a punch in a small bite.
    • EAT ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: A quick addition to your breakfast and office travels, these mixed bars are non-sticky and bite-sized so you can finish them in one go. Anytime you are hungry and don’t want to eat a proper meal, these snacks are just what you need.b


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