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    Shemade Foods / Cacao Goji Granola

    Cacao Goji Granola

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    Our gluten free Cacao Goji Granolas are subtly and naturally sweetened with honey and toasted to perfection. It can be eaten as is, with cold milk or yoghurt, and topped with your favourite fruit and berries. Our Cacao Goji Granola is healthy, nutritious and a tasty way to kick start your day. Enjoy this baked granola loaded with nutrient dense goji berries and the goodness of cocoa.



    Flavour Chocolate
    Brand She Made
    Ingredients Jumbo rolled oats, honey, dried goji berries, almonds, cocoa solids, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, edible vegetable oil (rice bran oil), edible common salt.


    Size Pack of 1; Pack of 2; Pack of 3
    Quantity 250gm; 500gm; 750gm


    Nutritional Information

    • One serving of our Cacao Goji Granola has the protein of one glass of milk, and the fiber of one apple.
    • Dairy-free.
    • Egg-free.
    • All natural.
    • No added preservatives.
    • Instant energizer, and trans-fat free.
    • No cholesterol, and zero trans-fat.
    • Oats, an important ingredient, are rich in antioxidants, and high in the soluble fiber beta-glucan.
    • Enriched with nuts, seeds, cocoa powder, goji berry and the greatness of honey.
    • As a rich source of dietary fiber, our granolas help in digestion and prevent constipation. It also lowers cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels.
    • Ingredients like sunflower, pumpkin and flaxseeds are superfoods and contains high levels of omega-3 and 6 fats.
    • Ingredients like honey and cocoa powder are good in antioxidants such as flavonoids and other polyphenols.
    • Goji berries, a healthy ingredient, contains high level of antioxidants, vitamins A & C and helps in immunity building.
    • No artificial sweetener used. Naturally sweetened with honey.
    • Our granolas are best consumed pre and post workout, after a yoga session, or after playing sports. Healthy breakfast for everyone in the family.


    How to eat: Our granolas can be eaten as is, with cold milk or yoghurt, and topped with your favourite fruit and berries. You can have Cacao Goji Granola as an evening snack. You can also add it in your smoothies along with other nuts and fruits.

    Allergen: Contains tree nuts. Processed in a peanut-free facility which handles tree nuts.

    Best Before: 6 months from date of manufacturing.


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